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Besides the Rhino, Exorcists are the oldest vehicle in service to the Adepta Sororitas. The first Exorcists were produced in the Age of Apostasy on Mars, of which some from that period, known as the ‘Prioris’ pattern, still survive. These machines are highly venerated, although their Machine Spirits are known to be temperamental and require constant work and prayer. Each vehicle is regarded as a work of art, as much a symbol of the Emperor as a provider of long-range fire support. While other patterns exist, such as the ‘Sanctorum’[2a] and ‘Dominica’[2d], they are not held in as high esteem as the original vehicles, blessed from the nearby divine presence of the Emperor when they were constructed. Adepta Sororitas never gave their Exorcists to another Imperium faction, as an Imperial Guard and the Space Marines, in fear that the machine spirits of this holy weapons would be tainted by less-believers and incure the displeasure of the Emperor himself.[2a]

The ancient, arcane technology of the Exorcist launcher is only vaguely understood by the Techpriests of the Adeptus Mechanicus.[1] The missiles themselves are armour-piercing explosives and capable of annihilating enemy tanks or destroying squads of heavy infantry in a single salvo (assuming the launcher does not malfunction). Though potent, to the Sisterhood its primary purpose is to serve as a divine symbol of the power and glory of the Ecclesiarchy and serve as a mobile shrine for the Sisters of Battle.[3] Each one is hand-crafted and unique. They may also be upgraded with Blessed Ammunition, Dozer Blades, Extra Armour, a Holy Icon, a Hunter-killer Missile, Laud Hailers, Pintle-mounted Storm Bolter, a Searchlight and Smoke Launchers.[2b]


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