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Fire Prism

Eldar Fire Prism firing

The Fire Prism is an Eldar grav-tank based on the Falcon chassis. A dedicated anti-tank variant, the Fire Prism sacrifices its ability to transport troops for superior firepower while retaining the ability to move at high speed. Fire Prisms play a key part in Eldar armoured warfare tactics, outflanking the enemy and attacking from multiple directions to break up their cohesion.[1][2][3][4a]

Technical Information

The centerpiece of the Fire Prism is its Prism Cannon, a marvel of Eldar technology and understanding. This laser weapon has twice the range of the Pulse Laser or Scatter Laser, allowing it to hit targets just visible on the horizon, but is powerful enough to punch through the thickest armour or even combine with other cannons for increased firepower. The Prism Cannon can also discharged a disperse beam capable of cutting down entire squads of enemy infantry, while sophisticated tracking arrays make the Fire Prism a potent threat to fast-moving aircraft. Twin-linked Shuriken Catapults located beneath the main cockpit can also be replaced with a single Shuriken Cannon, while the vehicle can be upgraded further with a Holo-field, Star Engines, Spirit Stones and Vectored Engines.[2][3][4a]

As with all Eldar vehicles the Fire Prism is constructed from Wraithbone and other psycho-plastics, a lightweight yet surprisingly strong material attuned to the Eldar’s psychic mind. This not only allows the pilot and gunner to control the Fire Prism with both mind and body, but makes it impossible for other races to duplicate or operate the vehicle.[4b]

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