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The Deathwing is the First Company of the Dark Angels Space Marines Chapter. The Deathwing (and the chapter’s second company, the Ravenwing) are not part of the standard Codex Astartes structure system, although the remaining companies of the chapter do adhere to the Codex. The Dark Angels’ successor Chapters (collectively known as the Unforgiven) also have similar formations, although they are not referred to by the same title. The Deathwing is an honored position within all Unforgiven Chapters, and only upon ascension to the Deathwing can one eventually be admitted to the Inner Circle.[4] The Current Master of the Deathwing is Belial.

The Deathwing is one of the two current incarnations of the original Hexagrammaton formations of the Dark Angels Legion that continues into the 41st Millennium.


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