Bretonnian Knights of the Realm 2nd Edition


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The Knights of the Realm are Bretonnian nobles whom have proven their skill and valour in combat by completing an errand as a Knight Errant, which rewards the young Knight with an estate, a title, and the status as a fully-fledge noblemen of Bretonnia. Making up the bulk of the nobility within Bretonnian society, the Knights of the Realm form the mainstay of all Bretonnian armies, and are given the responsibility of administrating a domain, which is generally a simple few acres of land, a village and a castle from which he has absolute rule.[1a]

Those under the Knights rule are bound to his service, to work the fields and pay his taxes, and in exchange the Knight provides his subjects with protection. Within the hierarchy of Bretonnia’s Feudal System, the Knights of the Realm form the foundations of the nobility, from which they are bound by fealty to another Lord of higher status and prestige, which scales all the way up to the Royarch himself.[1a]

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