Space Wolves Long Fangs 2nd Edition


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A Long Fang is a senior Veteran warrior of the Space Wolves Space MarineChapter who serves as a heavy weapons specialist. Hoary with age, proud and wise, they are quite literally endowed with long fangs, for as a Space Wolf ages his canines lengthen and his hair grows coarse and grey. After centuries of long wars, their esteem within the Chapter stands as a mountain, commanding awe and respect from those of lesser years. There are relatively few Long Fangs within the Chapter, for so many warriors die in battle that only a minority survive to reach a venerable age. Their life sagas are almost complete. These Veteran warriors are disciplined and steady in the heat of battle, and are entrusted with the use of the Great Company’s heavy weapons. Long Fangs are the Space Wolves’ equivalent of a Codex Astartes-compliant Chapter’s Devastator Marines. Having fought and survived so many battles, the Long Fangs are rarely unsettled even by the most serious set-back. There are many accounts within the Chapter’s history of stalwart Long Fangs who have held the field against overwhelming odds, even after all others have fled or been slain.

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