Space Marine Tactical Squad 2nd Edition


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Training and Deployment

Prior to service in a Tactical Squad, Space Marines must prove themselves capable in all aspects of warfare by completing several campaigns in Assault and Devastator Squads, a process that can last years or decades.[1a] Not all Space Marines are able to make the transition, either possessing a particular talent or obsession within one area, or simply lacking the mental flexibility required to embrace the Tactical Squad’s fluid nature.[1a]

The basic squad is made up of four Space Marines and one Space Marine Sergeant; up to five additional Marines may be added[1c].


All Tactical Marines wear the standard Space Marine power armour and carry a bolt pistol, a boltgun, and frag and krak grenades. They may also be armed with a variety of Flamers, Meltaguns,Plasma Guns, Heavy Bolters, Lascannons, Missile Launchers, Multi-meltas, and Plasma Cannons[1c].

The Space Marine Sergeant may also have melta bombs and teleport homer, and can exchange his boltgun and/or bolt pistol for a Chainsword, Combi-melta, Combi-flamer, Combi-plasma, Storm Bolter, Plasma pistol, Power weapon, or Power fist[1c].

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