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The Imperial Fists were formed on Terra as the VIIth Legion. The Legion was one of the few that recruited entirely from their homeworld and were the only formation to have recruited from across all of Terra, including areas where other Legions claimed exclusive “Rights of Tithe.” Despite recruiting from such a wide range of locations, VII Legion recruits consistently possessed a taciturn nature and were quick to action but reserved in speaking [45]. The Legion had the benefit of being united with their Primarch shortly after their formation, while their character had yet to take fully shape and as much as 70% of their ranks were still aspirants. As result, the Imperial Fists and Rogal Dorn developed as servants of the Imperium together, forming an unbreakable bond based upon the common desires for self-discipline and total commitment to order found in Dorn’s temperament and the gene-seed of the Legion.[2a]

The homeworld of the Imperial Fists is still officially given as Holy Terra.[16f] However, in functional terms, the Chapter has been fleet-based since being united with their Primarch Rogal Dorn, after which the massive starship Phalanx has served as their mobile Fortress-Monastery.[2e] Nonetheless, the Chapter still maintains a presence on Holy Terra, including the Pillar of Bone and Column of Glory. Prior to relocating to Terra, the Imperial Fists homeworld was Inwit,[38] where Rogal Dorn was raised and where the Legion took many of their aspirants and starships from.[39a][39b] The Chapter still emphasizes its historic role as the defenders of Terra and maintains a coded sequence of alerts and signals to coordinate the rapid redeployment of its full forces to reinforce Terra against attack if the contingency arises.[41d]


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