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The Jetbikes utilised by the Craftworld Eldar are sleek one-man craft propelled by powerful anti-gravitic motors. Beautifully designed, the Eldar Jetbike is a wonder of engineering, using subtle manipulation of the anti-gravity field to combine high speed with incredible agility and maneuverability. It is capable of such velocity that without the prodigious reaction speed of an Eldar it would be more lethal to the rider than his foe. So finely wrought are these incredible machines that a skilled pilot can cross leagues in just a few heartbeats before levelling a hurricane of close-range shuriken fire into the enemy ranks. Retaliation is nigh impossible, for the Jetbike is agile enough to bear its pilot away into cover. Jetbikes can even be used to climb up the sides of buildings using this powerful anti-gravitic technology. To an Eldar, the mastery of the Jetbike is an exhilarating challenge. Jetbikes have long, curved vanes on either side that allow the rider to execute incredibly sharp turns in mid-air, and the strength of their anti-grav motors can be subtly manipulated to send the Jetbikes hurtling into a steep dive or sharp climb. Even for an Eldar it takes years of practice to master a Jetbike’s potential, but one who does so builds a rapport with his steed comparable to the horsemasters of Eldar Mythology.

Jetbike riders operate as forward scouts and fast-response strike forces, speeding across the battlefield in a brightly-coloured blur before unleashing tight fusillades from their hull-mounted Shuriken Catapults, which can be upgraded to carry a single Shuriken Cannon instead. A common tactic for Jetbike riders is to circumvent enemy lines completely and then close in on their vulnerable rear, taking a fearsome toll before gunning their engines and speeding off again. Riders are normally armed with an additional Shuriken Pistol, although warriors of the Shining Spears Aspect Warriors use a Laser Lance designed to deliver a laser blast at extremely close range. Many war-leaders of the Eldar are known to ride Jetbikes into battle, including Autarchs, Farseers, and Warlocks. Those Autarchs who were once members of the Shining Spears Aspect Shrine themselves are known for riding alongside the Shining Spears into battle.


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