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Giants are enormous, stupid monsters who blunder clumsily around searching for food and beer. Although they could never know it, things was not always so.1

Millennia ago, the Giants lived in castles high in the Ancient Giant Lands near the Mountains of Mourn, their realm a peaceful archipelago of plateaus surrounded by a sea of white cloud. Civilisations rose and fell below, but these Sky Titans remained hidden from the eyes of the smaller races.1

However, their world was shattered when the Ogre homelands were destroyed by the coming of the Great Maw, forcing the Ogres into the mountains. Thus began the War in the Heavens. Although the Sky Titans were mighty, the Ogres had the benefit of numbers. Eventually they prevailed, and held feast after feast in the castles of their victims before pulling them down and hurling them into the valleys below.1

The few Sky Titans that survived fled. Forced into small tribes, they became inbred, their intellect dwindling. Now the last remaining Giants are nomads, terrorising the Old World as mercenaries or brutes


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