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These vehicles are equipped with powerful engines, required to propel a fully-armoured Space Marine at high speeds, and boast highly-responsive controls required to perform complex battlefield maneuvers.[1] They are able to operated in a wide range of environments, from shifting dune seas to ice-strewn wastelands to rocky moonscapes, and are simple enough in design that their riders can perform repairs in the field if necessary.[2] Their sturdy construction and wide, thick tires allows the bike to easily smash through rockcrete walls at full speed without harm to either bike or rider.[1]

The typical armament of a Space Marine Bike is a set of twin Bolters mounted on either side of the bike’s headlight.[1]

Attack Bike

Ultramarines Space Marine Attack Bike[4]

A variant of the Bike is the Space Marine Attack Bike, which includes a Heavy Bolter or Multi-Melta mounted on an attached sidecar.[1] This heavy weapon, combined with the manoeuvrability of the Assault Bike, makes it excellent at rapidly deploying large amounts of heavy fire-power to those areas which require it urgently.[3]

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