Eldar Guardians Battle Squad

Eldar Guardians Battle Squad


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With their population in decline and their craftworlds beset on all sides by merciless enemies, Guardians form an essential part of the Eldar’s military assets. They are primarily a defensive force, guarding their craftworlds from direct attacks, but will also accompany Aspect Warriors on offensive operations.[1][2][3] Guardians are raised on an as-needed basis, and each unit will be led by an Eldar who has already walked the Path of the Warrior. These former Aspect Warriors are effectively an officer corps for the Guardians, and while they cannot fully revive their previous battle skills they nevertheless retain the experience required to organize and lead the Guardians into battle. Other Eldar who have yet to travel the Warrior Path, or who were forced from it for various reasons, also relish the opportunity to go to war as Guardians.[4][5]

All Guardians are armed with the signature Eldar weapon, the Shuriken Catapult, and wear Mesh Armour for protection. As each craftworld has its distinctive style of clothing, typified by a colour or pattern, so too are is the armour of their Guardians – green, white or grey for Biel-tan, blue and yellow for Alaitoc, etc. However this does not constitute a fixed uniform, leading to numerous variations not only between squads from the same craftworld but even individuals within the same squad.[1]

Many Guardians will serve as an infantry force, organized into squads known as Guardian Defender or Storm Squads. Others will instead form the crew for various heavy weapons and light vehicles, such as the Grav Platforms, Eldar Jetbikes and War Walkers. Larger, more specialised vehicles are piloted by crewmembers who tread a path dedicated to these war engines.[5]

Guardian Defenders

Biel-Tan Guardian Defender

Guardian Defenders are the basic Guardian force, organised into squads of ten to twenty members armed with Shuriken Catapults and occasionally Plasma Grenades. Each squad will also include a Grav Platform crewed by two of its Guardians and mounting a Bright Lance, Eldar Missile Launcher, Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon or Star Cannon. These squads can be transported by a Wave Serpent if they do not exceed its capacity, and will sometimes be joined by a Warlock to lend them their aid.[2][3]


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