Chaos Space Marines 3rd Edition

Chaos Space Marines 3rd Edition


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Creation of new Chaos Marines

The Chaos Marines still maintain the process of gene-seeding – the transformation of humans into superhumans through organ implantation and associated psychological and chemical conditioning – in order to create new Chaos Marines. The children that are turned into new Chaos Marines are bred from slave stock and captives acquired from raids on Imperial worlds[6 p. 243]. The process is a brutal ordeal, differing from the carefully measured program of development used by Imperial Space Marines[2].

In every Legion, Apothecaries, or their Chaos Marine equivalents, are still charged with the important task of retrieving the gene-seed organs from their fallen brethren[6 p. 260].


Over the millennia the energies that saturate the Eye of Terror have worked their transformative effects on both the living flesh and the inanimate weapons and armour of the Chaos Space Marines. As far as weapons and equipment, the Chaos Legions retain much of their Legiones Astartes heritage. The bolter remains the main weapon even when it has been refigured into a fusion of biological and inorganic parts, or redesigned into strange and baroque forms by the whims of Chaos or the user himself. Although power armour is often unrecognisable as once being Astartes-issue, the suits continue to function the same, and include standard auto-sensory technology, communicators and respirators. Armour has been recoloured and redecorated to show allegiance to the Legion’s Chaos patron.


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