Catachan Jungle FIghters

Catachan Jungle FIghters


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Recruitment and Training

A Catachan Jungle Fighter Squad.

On Catachan, every day is a battle to survive. Even Space Marines are said to avoid this hellish planet. Every animal species on the planet is carnivorous, and every plant species is poisonous. 50% of the planet’s human population does not survive infancy, and 50% of the remainder does not live past the age of ten. Every day is spent fighting on the deadliest planet in the galaxy. Those Catachans who reach adulthood are natural survivors, invariably some of the hardiest and deadliest souls in the Imperium this has insured that Catachans are naturally superior to any normal Human and trained well beyond the capabilities of any Munitorum jungle warfare school.[7b]

The Jungle Fighters are Catachan’s only resource; since the planet offers no source of sustenance and only death, the planet’s inhabitants are dependent on food and supplies shipped from off-planet, in return for the elite Jungle Fighters’ service in the Imperial Guard – an obligation they are proud to fulfill.[7b]


Catachan regiments generally lack Commissars. Even these tough and uncompromising officers are unable to assert their authority over the Catachan soldiers; in fact, they are resented by troops, and it is not uncommon for Commissars assigned to Catachan regiments to be “fragged” by their own troops. Ogryns however – who may well have evolved on Catachan themselves – commonly fight in Catachan regiments.[Needs Citation] Due to their heavily developed physiques, normal human Catachans are sometimes referred to as “Baby Ogryns.”[Needs Citation]

Catachan Devil Squads – The closest thing the jungle fighters have to Storm Troopers, Catachan regiments include squads of warriors exceptional even by the exacting standards of their birth world. In Catachan regiments these are called “Catachan Devils,” in reference to their famous kill-knives and the voracious predators of their world whose fierceness they emulate in combat. These elite squads consist of one veteran Sergeant and between four and nine “Catachan Devil” Guardsmen. Some squads may even include a veteran officer.

Battle Style

Jungle warfare.

Catachans are some of the mightiest warriors in the Imperium, capable of withstanding wounds that would kill any normal guardsman, despite wearing little to no armor. Close Combat is a particular specialty for Catachans, often using shotguns, poisoned blades and even their bare hands to kill enemies. The Jungle Fighters make extensive use of traps, mines and other unpleasant surprises. They use traps, Spring Mines, Shredder Mines and Plasma Charges, each specializing in killing certain types of troops.[Needs Citation]

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